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"All In Men" - Jumonville, PA

February 2-4, 2018


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A Life-Challenging Game Plan for each man’s journey.

From Training Camp through to Game Day Preparation, this unique sports and media venue will train and equip each man to become the husband, father and man God has called him to be – a man of action and love. Men ages 13 and up are encouraged to participate in this high-energy conference filled with speakers, group sessions and more.

“The Saturday All In Men’s Conference was one of the most fruitful one-day events we have had at our church. The speakers varied in their gifts and approaches to ministry --some were serious, some humorous, some casual, some formal --but all were real and brought the gospel clearly to our men.  The week after the event, the men who attended spread their excitement throughout the whole church.  Men from all walks of life felt ministered to.  We had doctors, farmers, blue collar workers, and even an ex-con. We had new comers to the faith, and long time Christians. We had members of our church and visitors of various denominational stripes.  All men were reached, all were challenged.” 
Pastor Mike Greiner
Harvest Community Church
Kittanning, PA