Sports Programs

A variety of sports are offered at our four day programs. The day begins with devotions and a rigorous exercise program before breaking into smaller groups to teach the skills of the particular sport through drills and team play. The day ends with one of our staff sharing their personal testimony. Many times former professional athletes, college players and college coaches are involved.

sports offered are:


CSI will provide one day clinics for umpires and in a variety of sports for players and coaches throughout the year. Qualified staff will lead these clinics for players and coaches many times involving former professional or current day players with college players and coaches.


CSI summer long program is a sports and education program that focuses on developing sports skills, life skills and healthy life styles with children. Aimed at elementary and middle school aged students, it includes training in a variety of sports. Along with sports instruction the program integrates a biblical character education curriculum with other educational options. It operates as a full day program Monday through Friday typically 9:00 am to 4:00 pm throughout the summer typically 6-8 weeks long.

Support System for Youth and Families

CSI will establish a support system with local ministries where youth and families can find help and hope to face daily living in their community. Programs construct and enrich their young lives so their communities will see change.