Sports Programs

Sports & Mentoring At-Risk Youth

Provide long term-term outreach programs striving to educate, enrich and train the lives of at-risk youth by improving their skills while they learn to appreciate the value of helping and respecting others. What sets us apart from other sport programs are the moral, ethical and Christ centered values youth will hear and see from our staff at every program. It is our desire to impact the lives of youth with our innovative style of teaching. The goal is to change lives forever so they can have a future that’s filled with promise so they can conquer the challenges of life. By giving them a solid foundation these young men and women will grow into responsible citizens.

Purpose of Program

Christian Sports International (CSI) is a faith-motivated sports and educational program working with at-risk youth. We see a need for youth to learn how to achieve their highest potential in all areas of life no matter what obstacles they may have. It is our goal to accomplish this by being directly involved in the lives of these kids by taking our sports and mentoring program into their neighborhoods.

Our program consists of the following capabilities:

  1. Sports: A critical piece of the program using various sports for physical fitness training and being able to measure results.
  3. Life Skills: To have life skills training at each program session by teaching life applications through a Christian curriculum that deals with daily life issues. Teaching work ethic, correct eating habits, consequences of sex, drugs and alcohol as to how these will affect them as an individual.
  5. Mentoring: To provide mentors to as many youth as possible who will give guidance in whatever areas needed such as self-esteem, family-life, school-work, social issues and Christian values.
  7. Role-Modeling: CSI staff members and volunteers to build relationships which will help provide positive adult role models for the youth.
  9. Support System: To connect youth with a local ministry where youth and families can find help and hope to face daily living in their community.


CSI will accomplish these objectives by holding either two or three sessions a week for two hours each. Roll will be taken at each program session and a biblical topic will be discussed with the youth. Change can be measured in behavior, listening, and respect for those around them. CSI staff and volunteers will take time to mentor the youth on any issue they may be facing.

The Timeline

The program will take place September to May two or three days a week. Then we will hold our annual four day program in June and begin our 8 week summer program in these same locations.

The Impact

The proposed activities will impact the designed community by seeing children not wanting to be involved in drugs, sex, alcohol, fighting and seeing school problems decrease. Children will be noticed that change is taking place in their lives and people of the community will see that change. We want to see children’s lives changed so they can grow into responsible young men and women in their families and communities. Thus creating change one life at a time.

How Do We Measure Results

1. Teachers, Parents and Staff Reports
2. Physical Fitness Training
3. Character Development