vacation bible school

give your vbs a new look!

“with god we will gain victory”
Psalms 60:12


This curriculum was created in conjunction with sports to encourage and build self-esteem as well as minister to the spirits of young children. We believe that children are important to God and that our responsibility is to teach and train children in the Word of God. The curriculum developed by Alan Marsh of Word Alive Church, has many sports examples brought together with spiritual applications. The children will learn with God we will gain victory as each day a different letter of T.E.A.M. is discussed leading into a new adventure in God’s Word. We pray that you will be excited by the vision we have to see every child develop their full potential, both physically and spiritually.

the stadium

This is the place where you will be doing your teaching. You should have various sporting equipment around the room as well as the supplied banners. You can use your own artistic license to be creative as you like or follow the plan in the book.

armchair quarterback

The side of each lesson will have some extra ideas to help in the presentation of your lesson.

These include ways to get the children involved, jokes, and interesting facts about sports. These will add a special “kick” to your lesson.

family night

The week will have a close out program on Friday evening for the entire family with prizes and special guest speaker.

huddle up!

Bring your people together to pray and decide if this experience is for the children of your community. T.E.A.M. Sports Academy is a complete curriculum package including signs for registration, teams, first aid, water station, and sport location. Details for volunteers needed; sign up sheets for registration, banners, wrist bands, music and brochures for advertising your T.E.A.M. Sports Academy. Included with curriculum will be one CSI staff to help you through the week and lead the sports with possibly three CSI staff. Huddle Up soon for a life changing experience for your children.

If desiring to see complete package please contact us at 724-453-1400 for additional information.