"CSI certainly wants to see kids improve their athletic abilities, but most importantly, they want their students to know Jesus Christ – knowing that there is no greater decision to make on earth that will affect them for eternity.”

sid bream
Former First Baseman
Los Angeles Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Atlanta Braves & Houston Astros


"If you are looking for a great way to reach young people, consider CSI. Quality sports training may have been the draw, but Jesus was the center. At our churches Sports Spectacular Weekend, we had eighteen kids respond to the gospel and four parents on Family Night. As Pastor of First Assembly of God - Punxsutawney, PA I commend to you CSI as an effective evangelistic ministry."

pastor chris golembiowski
First Assembly of God


“I enjoy being a part of CSI because it gives me the chance to share my Christian Faith with children who enjoy the great game of football.”

robin gole
Former All Pro Linebacker
Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Champion XIII & XIV


“CSI is an organization all about reaching today’s youth through an avenue that holds soooo much influence-Sports (March Madness, The Super Bowl, The World Series) youth are looking for heroes and what better way by using what they love to draw them to the ultimate coach (Jesus Christ) I would say no one does it like CSI.”

melvin adams
Former Harlem Globetrotter


“CSI was very cooperative with our VBS team in devising a program that fit our vision for our children as well as reaching unchurched children in the community. CSI has a dynamic program that we would highly recommend, since they have a definite evangelistic thrust in conjunction with a character building perspective. Thank God for the 20 children and six parents that responded to the gospel message at our T.E.A.M. Sports Academy.”

pastor cliff reynolds
Word Alive Church


"I was so thankful for the Christian Sports International T.E.A.M. Sports Academy in Hancock County this past summer. I had a safe place to leave my kids where I knew they would be well taken care of and would have interesting things to do. Thanks so much for the time and effort you and everyone from CSI put into making this a great, safe summer for children."

amy drinnon
Sneedville, TN


The vehicle of sports has long been an in road into young people’s lives. CSI has perfected that approach to help kids beyond the game in field, to life itself. The positive, life giving message of Jesus Christ motivates these programs and changes lives.

Pastor John Jefferies
Harmony-Zelienople United Methodist Church


The CSI program reaches out to kids of all ages and has been successful in leading many to faith in Jesus Christ, and seeing that they connect with a Bible believing church. The vision of CSI is one that we embrace as a missions minded church.

Pastor Eugene DeMarco
New Brighton Christian Assembly


"CSI is reaching our youth at a critical time in their lives and in our nation's history. There has never been an age in this country when so many young people are without parental guidance especially when you consider how many are dealing with single-parent family issues. With the prevalence of drugs and violence it is essential that we spend more time helping them learn how to navigate these hurtles and be confident in faith.

I have always been impressed with CSI's efforts doing God's work at the grassroots level and doing it in Jesus’ name for all of us. God bless them for being there! I'm proud to be associated in my own small way with such great people."

Larry Richert